Who are we ?

About Us

Shyneen : where Parisian flair meets artistic expression. We are not just a fashion brand; we are a creative movement. Founded by a collective of independent artists, we collaborate in extraordinary ways to craft designs that transcend boundaries and resonate with individuals from all walks of life.

Our vision is to make each and every person radiate their unique brilliance. As a middle to luxurious brand, we strive to create fashion that empowers and captivates. Our meticulously tailored products boast one-of-a-kind designs and impeccable style, ensuring that you stand out in a sea of conformity.

But Shyneen is more than just fashion. We are agents of change, driven by a profound commitment to the environment and sustainable practices. Our conscious choices speak volumes: we purposefully embrace alternative materials, reducing our reliance on conventional cotton. This deliberate move allows us to curate collections that are both environmentally responsible and fashionably forward.

We believe that fashion should transcend traditional boundaries of gender and identity. Our unisex designs foster a sense of unity and redefine the language of self-expression. Through our meticulously crafted pieces, we invite you to communicate your unique story to the world, unencumbered by societal expectations.

While our prices reflect the quality and craftsmanship of our creations, they also signify our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact. We encourage conscious consumption and production, inspiring a new era of responsible fashion. As a token of our appreciation, we offer exclusive coupons and reductions, ensuring that our valued customers are always adorned with the extraordinary.

But our mission goes beyond fashion. We are catalysts for change, igniting conversations on inequality, inclusion, gender, and racism. Our quests challenge societal norms, empowering individuals to champion a more equitable world. Together, we can reshape the narrative and create a future defined by compassion and unity.

At Shyneen, we celebrate individuality in all its splendor. Our diverse range of sizes and shapes ensures that everyone can find their perfect fit. And in our pursuit of a more inclusive world, we extend the reach of fashion to those in need. Unsold pieces find new purpose through charitable donations, bringing the joy of style to a global audience.

If you are a charitable organization committed to promoting inclusion through clothing, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Let's forge a partnership that uplifts and empowers, amplifying our shared vision of a more compassionate and stylish world. Reach out to us at contact@shy-neen.com and let's make a difference together.